fare ... well (int.) Old form(s): Far , far thee well, Far you well , Fare yee well , fare you wel , Farethee-well, fareyouwell, farthee well, fartheewell, far-thee-well, Farthewell, Faryewell
goodbye [to an individual]
1H4 V.iv.86[Prince Hal to dead Hotsput] Fare thee well, great heart!
2H4 I.ii.228[Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] Fare you well.
2H4 II.ii.159[Prince Henry to Bardolph and Page] Fare you well
2H4 II.iv.377[Hostess to Falstaff] Well, fare thee well
2H4 III.ii.280[Falstaff to Shallow and Silence] Fare you well, gentlemen both
2H4 IV.iii.83[Prince John to Falstaff] Fare you well, Falstaff
3H6 IV.vii.48[Montgomery to Edward] Then fare you well
AC I.ii.112[Antony to Messenger] Fare thee well awhile
AC III.ii.39[Caesar to Octavia] Farewell, my dearest sister, fare thee well
AC IV.iii.2[Second Soldier to First Soldier, of the next day's battle] It will determine one way. Fare you well
AC IV.iv.29[Antony to Cleopatra] Fare thee well, dame
AC V.ii.313[Charmian to dead Cleopatra] So, fare thee well
AW II.i.145[King to Helena] Fare thee well, kind maid
AW II.i.98[Lafew to Helena] Fare you well
AW II.iii.212[Lafew to Parolles] So, my good window of lattice, fare thee well
AW II.v.42[Lafew to Bertram] Fare you well, my lord
AW IV.iii.312[First Lord to Parolles] but fare you well
AW IV.iii.318[First Soldier to Parolles] Fare ye well, sir
AYL I.ii.184[Rosalind to Orlando] Fare you well
AYL III.v.63[Rosalind to Silvius,of Phebe] So take her to thee, shepherd. Fare you well
AYL V.ii.115[Rosalind as Ganymede to all] So fare you well
CE III.ii.186[Angelo to Antipholus of Syracuse] You are a merry man, sir. Fare you well
Cor I.iii.107[Valeria to Virgilia] Fare you well, then
Cor I.v.17[Martius to Lartius] My work hath yet not warmed me. Fare you well
Cor II.iii.150.2[Sicinius to Coriolanus and Menenius] Fare you well
Cor IV.i.44.2[Coriolanus to all] Fare ye well
Cym I.vi.84[Queen to Pisanio] Fare thee well
Cym III.v.15[Lucius to Cymbeline] Fare you well
H5 I.ii.298[King Henry to the French Ambassadors] Fare you well
H5 III.vi.160[King Henry to Montjoy] and so, Montjoy, fare you well
H5 IV.i.215[Williams to disguised King Henry] Keep thy word. Fare thee well
H5 IV.iii.126[Montjoy to King Henry] And so fare thee well: / Thou never shalt hear herald any more
H5 V.i.75[Gower to Pistol] let a Welsh correction teach you a good English condition. Fare ye well
H8 I.i.211[Buckingham to Abergavenny] >O my Lord Aberga'nny, fare you well!
H8 III.ii.349[Norfolk to Wolsey] So fare you well, my little good lord Cardinal
Ham I.ii.251[Hamlet to all] I will requite your loves. So fare you well
Ham I.v.88[Ghost to Hamlet] Fare thee well at once
Ham II.i.69.2[Polonius to Reynaldo] God bye ye, fare ye well
Ham II.ii.218[Polonius to Hamlet] Fare you well, my lord
Ham III.iii.33[Polonius to Claudius] Fare you well, my liege.
Ham IV.v.169[Ophelia to her imaginings] Fare you well, my dove!
JC I.ii.283[Casca to Cassius] Fare you well
JC III.i.14.2[Popilius to Cassius] Fare you well
JC III.i.150[Antony to dead Caesar] Fare thee well
JC V.iii.99[Brutus to dead Cassius] The last of all the Romans, fare thee well!
JC V.v.39[Brutus to all] So fare you well at once
KJ III.iii.69[King John to Elinor] Madam, fare you well
KJ III.iv.99[Constance to King Philip] Fare you well
KJ V.ii.160[Lewis the Dauphin to Bastard] We grant thou canst outscold us. Fare thee well!
KL I.i.180[Kent to Lear] Fare thee well, King
KL II.i.13[Curan to Edmund] Fare you well, sir
KL IV.ii.24[Gonerill to Edmund] Conceive; and fare thee well
KL IV.v.36[Regan to Oswald] So fare you well
KL IV.v.40.2[Regan to Oswald] Fare thee well
KL IV.vi.32.1[disguised Edgar to Gloucester] Now fare ye well, good sir
KL IV.vi.41.1[Gloucester to disguised Edgar] Now, fellow, fare thee well
KL IV.vii.94[Gentleman to disguised Kent] Fare you well, sir
KL V.i.50[Albany to disguised Kent] Why, fare thee well. I will o'erlook thy paper
LLL I.ii.125[Dull to Armado] Fare you well
LLL II.i.182[Dumaine to Boyet, of Katharine] Monsieur, fare you well
LLL III.i.153[Costard to Berowne] Fare you well
MA II.iii.248[Beatrice to Benedick] fare you well
MA III.v.48[Leonato to Dogberry] Drink some wine ere you go. Fare you well
MA IV.i.101[Claudio to Hero] But fare thee well, most foul, most fair!
MA V.i.178[Benedick to Claudio] Fare you well, boy
MA V.i.48[Leonato to Don Pedro] Well, fare you well, my lord
MA V.ii.44[Beatrice to Benedick] fare you well now
MA V.iii.28[Dpon Pedro to attendants] Thanks to you all, and leave us: fare you well
Mac IV.iii.111[Macduff to Malcolm] Fare thee well!
Mac IV.iii.34[Macduff to Malcolm] Fare thee well, lord!
Mac V.vi.6.2[Seyward to Malcolm] Fare you well
MM I.i.58[Duke to Angelo and Escalus] So fare you well.
MM II.i.239[Escalus to Pompey] So, for this time, Pompey, fare you well
MM II.ii.142[Angelo to Isabella] Fare you well
MM III.i.268[Isabella to disguised Duke] Fare you well, good father
MM III.ii.247[Escalus to disguised Duke] Fare you well
MM IV.iii.161[disguised Duke to Lucio] Fare ye well
MM IV.iv.16.2[Escalus to Angelo] Fare you well
MND II.i.245[Oberon to helena] Fare thee well, nymph
MND II.ii.137[Helena to Lysander] But fare you well
MND III.ii.243[Helena to Lysander, Demetrius, and Hermia] But fare ye well
MV I.i.58[Solanio to Antonio] Fare ye well
MV II.ii.190[Bassanio to Gratiano] But fare you well
MV II.iii.4[Jessica to Launcelot] But fare thee well, there is a ducat for thee
MV II.vii.73[Morocco reading from a scroll] Fare you well, your suit is cold
MV III.iv.40[Portia to Lorenzo] So fare you well till we shall meet again
MV IV.i.262[Antonio to Bassanio] Give me your hand, Bassanio, fare you well
MW II.ii.127[Falstaff to Mistress Quickly] Fare thee well
MW III.ii.76[Shallow to Ford] Well, fare you well.
MW IV.v.75[Evans to Host] Fare you well
MW V.iii.6[Mistress Page to Caius] Fare you well, sir
Per IV.vi.109[Lysimachus to Marina] Fare thee well.
R2 II.iii.158[York to Bolingbroke] So fare you well
R3 I.iv.100[First Murderer to Brackenbury] Fare you well
TC I.ii.276[Pandarus to Cressida] Fare you well, good niece
TC III.iii.299[Thersites to Patroclus] Fare you well, with all my heart
TC V.vi.19.2[Hector to Achilles] Fare thee well
Tem V.i.319[Prospero to Ariel] to the elements / Be free, and fare thou well
Tim I.i.112[Timon to Messenger] Fare you well
Tim I.i.266[Second Lord to Apemantus] Fare thee well, fare thee well
Tim III.i.44[Lucullus to Flaminius] Fare thee well
Tim III.ii.27[Lucius to Servilius] You are kindly met, sir. Fare thee well
Tim IV.iii.100.2[Alcibiades to Timon] Why, fare thee well
TN I.iii.57[Maria to Sir Toby and Sir Andrew] Fare you well, gentlemen
TN I.v.271[Olivia to Viola as Cesario] Fare you well
TN II.i.35[Sebastian to Antonio] Fare ye well at once
TN III.iv.165[Sir Toby, reading Sir Andrew's letter to Viola as Cesario] Fare thee well, and God have mercy upon one of our souls
TN III.iv.212[Olivia to Viola as Cesario] Well, come again tomorrow. Fare thee well
TN IV.ii.56[Feste as Sir Topas to Malvolio] Fare thee well; remain thou still in darkness
WT IV.iii.113[Clown to Autolycus] Then fare thee well

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