answer (v.) Old form(s): answere
live up to, correspond to, be equal to
2H6 IV.x.51[Iden to Cade] As for words, whose greatness answers words, / Let this my sword report what speech forbears
3H6[Richard to himself, of his crooked body] Let hell make crooked my mind to answer it
CE III.i.20[Antipholus of Ephesus to Balthasar] Pray God our cheer / May answer my good will
Cym IV.ii.192[Guiderius to Belarius] All solemn things / Should answer solemn accidents
MA V.i.12[Leonato to Antonio, of others' grief compared to his] let it answer every strain for strain
MM III.ii.244[disguised Duke to Escalus, of Angelo] If his own life answer the straitness of his proceeding, it shall become him well
R3 I.iii.193[Queen Margaret to all, of her woes and of Rutland] Should all but answer for that peevish brat? [i.e. should all that be equivalent to the death of one child]
TC I.iii.15[Agamemnon to all, of their war records] trial did draw / Bias and thwart, not answering the aim ... / That gave't surmised shape