bid (v.), past form bade Old form(s): bad , bad'st
pray, entreat, beg, ask
H5 II.iii.21[Hostess to all, of Falstaff] 'a bade me lay more clothes on his feet
Mac[King to Lady Macbeth] Herein I teach you / How you shall bid 'God 'ield us' for your pains
RJ II.iii.79.1[Romeo to Friar] Thou ... badest me bury love
TC IV.v.180[Hector to Menelaus, of Helen] She's well, but bade me not commend her to you
Tim I.ii.80[Apemantus to himself, of eating flatterers] thou mightst kill 'em - and bid me to 'em
Tit IV.iv.106[Saturninus to Aemilius, of Lucius] Bid him demand what pledge will please him best

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