figure (n.)
form, design, shape, conception
2H4 I.iii.43[Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of building] when we see the figure of the house, / Then must we rate the cost of the erection
KJ V.iv.25[Melun to Pembroke, Salisbury, and Bigot, of his life ebbing] even as a form of wax / Resolveth from his figure 'gainst the fire
Oth I.i.63[Iago to Roderigo] when my outward action doth demonstrate / The native act and figure of my heart
Sonn.98.11[of flowers] They were but sweet, but figures of delight
TC I.iii.16[Agamemnon to all, of their war efforts] not answering the aim / And that unbodied figure of the thought / That gave't surmised shape
TC III.iii.123[Ulysses to Achilles] like a gate of steel / Fronting the sun, receives and renders back / His figure and his heat
Tim V.i.152[Second Senator to Timon, of the Athenians] write in thee the figures of their love [or: numbers; letters]

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