fault (n.)
mistake, error, blunder
2H6 I.iii.197[Horner to York, of Peter] I did correct him for his fault
3H6 II.i.196[Warwick to Edward] he that throws not up his cap for joy / Shall for the fault make forfeit of his head
3H6 III.ii.164[Richard alone, of himself as a lover] monstrous fault, to harbour such a thought!
KJ IV.ii.30[Pembroke to King John] oftentimes excusing of a fault / Doth make the fault the worser by th'excuse
MM II.i.40[Escalus to Angelo] some [are] condemned for a fault alone
MM V.i.460[Provost to Duke, of the order to kill Claudio] I thought it was a fault, but knew it not
MW I.i.87[Shallow to Slender] 'Tis your fault [unclear meaning] [also: failure to maintain contact with the prey]
TG IV.iv.13[Launce alone, of his dog] to take a fault upon me that he did [i.e. to take the blame for his transgression]