fatal (adj.) Old form(s): fatall
ominous, full of foreboding, doom-laden
3H6 II.v.98[King to himself, of the father who has killed his son] The red rose and the white are on his face, / The fatal colours of our striving houses
3H6 II.vi.56[Edward to Warwick] Bring forth that fatal screech-owl to our house
3H6 IV.ii.21[Warwick to George] Ulysses and stout Diomede ... stole to Rhesus' tents, / And brought from thence the Thracian fatal steeds
JC V.i.87[Cassius to Messala, of birds of prey] their shadows seem / A canopy most fatal
Mac II.i.36[Macbeth alone, as if to a dagger] Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible / To feeling as to sight?
Mac II.ii.3[Lady Macbeth alone, of an owl] the fatal bellman / Which gives the stern'st good-night
Tit II.iii.97[Tamora to Demetrius] here nothing breeds, / Unless the nightly owl or fatal raven