favour (n.) Old form(s): fauors, Fauour , fauours
mark of favour, gift, token [often a love-token]
AW V.iii.74[Lafew to Bertram] give a favour from you / To sparkle in the spirits of my daughter
KL IV.ii.21[stage direction, of Gonerill to Edmund] giving a favour
LC.36[of the woman] A thousand favours from a maund she drew
LLL V.ii.125[Boyet to Princess, of the King's party knowing their ladies] By favours several which they did bestow
LLL V.ii.292[Boyet to ladies] change favours
LLL V.ii.30[Princess to Rosaline] you have a favour too [pun: 33]
LLL V.ii.468[Berowne to all] The ladies did change favours
LLL V.ii.773[Princess to King] We have received ... / Your favours
MND II.i.12[Fairy to Puck] Those be rubies, fairy favours
MND IV.i.48[Oberon to Puck, of Titania and Bottom] Seeking sweet favours for this hateful fool
TNK II.i.65[Palamon to Arcite, of youths competing in games] Hung with the painted favours of their ladies