avaunt (int.) Old form(s): Auant , auaunt
begone, go away, be off
1H6 V.iv.21[Pucelle to Shepherd] Peasant, avaunt!
2H4 I.ii.89[Falstaff to Servant] You hunt counter. Hence! Avaunt!
AC IV.xii.30.2[Antony to Cleopatra] Ah, thou spell! Avaunt!
CE IV.iii.79[Antipholus of Syracuse to Courtesan] Avaunt, thou witch!
H5 III.ii.20[Fluellen to Pistol, Nym, and Bardolph] Up to the breach, you dogs! Avaunt, you cullions!
KJ IV.iii.77[salisbury to Hubert] Avaunt, thou hateful villain! Get thee gone!
KL III.vi.63[Edgar as Poor Tom to all, of imaginary dogs] Tom will throw his head at them. Avaunt, you curs!
LLL V.ii.298[Princess to all] Avaunt, perplexity!
Luc.274[] Then childish fear avaunt, debating die!
Mac III.iv.92[Macbeth to Ghost] Avaunt, and quit my sight!
MW I.iii.76[Falstaff to Nym and Pistol] Rogues, hence, avaunt!
Oth III.iii.332[Othello to Iago] Avaunt! Be gone!
Oth IV.i.262[Othello to Desdemona] Hence, avaunt!
Per IV.vi.116[Lysimachus to Boult] Avaunt, thou damned door-keeper!
R3 I.ii.46[Anne to Richard] Avaunt, thou dreadful minister of hell!
Tit I.i.286[Titus to Bassianus, Marcus, and Lucius] Traitors, avaunt!