file (n.)
rank of soldiers, formation
AC I.i.3[Philo to Demetrius, of Antony] Those his goodly eyes, / That o'er the files and musters of the war / Have glowed like plated Mars
AC IV.i.12[Caesar to Maecenas, of Antony] Within our files there are ... / Enough to fetch him in
AW III.iii.9[Bertram as if to Mars] I put myself into thy file
AW IV.iii.263[Parolles to First Soldier, of Dumaine being at Mile-end] to instruct for the doubling of files [i.e. doubling up in drill exercises]
Cor[Martius to Cominius] The common file
Cor II.i.22[Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] Do you two know how you are censured here in the city ... of us o'th' right-hand file? [i.e. by those in honourable position]
Cor[Aufidius to Conspirators, of Coriolanus] I ... let him choose / Out of my files
Cym V.iii.30[Posthumus to Lord] three performers are the file when all / The rest do nothing [i.e. they are like a whole army]
H8 I.ii.42[Wolsey to King Henry] I ... front but in that file / Where others tell steps with me
Mac III.i.101[Macbeth to Murderers] if you have a station in the file
Tim V.ii.1[Third Senator to Messenger, of Alcibiades] Are his files / As full as thy report?

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