forfend (v.) Old form(s): forefend, fore-fend, for-fend
1H6 V.iv.65[Richard to all] Now heaven forfend!
2H6 III.ii.30[Queen to all, of hearing of Gloucester's death] God forfend!
3H6 II.i.190[Edward to Warwick] when thou failest ... / Must Edward fall, which peril heaven forfend!
Cym V.v.287.2[Cymbeline to all] Marry, the gods forfend!
Oth V.ii.185[All speaking together] O heavens forfend!
Oth V.ii.32[Othello to Desdemona] heaven forfend!
R2 IV.i.129[Bishop of Carlisle to all, of the action against Richard] O, forfend it God
Tit I.i.437[Tamora to Saturninus] The gods of Rome forfend / I should be author to dishonour you
WT IV.iv.527[Camillo to Florizel] As heavens forfend! - your ruin

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