fame (n.)
reputation, renown, character
1H6 II.i.16[Bedford to all, of the Dauphin] How much he wrongs his fame ... / To join with witches
1H6 III.ii.76[Talbot to all] Or else reproach be Talbot's greatest fame!
1H6 IV.iv.46[Lucy to Somerset, of Talbot] His fame lives in the world
1H6 IV.vi.39[Talbot to John Talbot] In thee thy mother dies ... and England's fame
1H6 IV.vi.45[John Talbot to Talbot] To save a paltry life and slay bright fame
2H4 II.iv.73[Hostess to Doll] I am in good name and fame with the very best
2H4 V.v.43[Pistol to King Henry V] The heavens thee guard and keep, most royal imp of fame!
2H6 V.ii.60[Young Clifford to himself] In cruelty will I seek out my fame
3H6 IV.viii.38[King to Exeter] My meed hath got me fame
CE III.ii.19[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] Shame hath a bastard fame, well managed
Luc.1203[Lucrece as if to Collatine] all my fame that lives disbursed be / To those that live and think no shame of me
TC I.iii.144[Ulysses to all, of Achilles] Having his ear full of his airy fame
TC I.iii.236[Aeneas to Agamemnon, of Trojans] Courtiers as free, as debonair, unarmed, / As bending angels, that's their fame in peace
TS V.ii.139[Katherina to Widow, of her frown] It ... / Confounds thy fame as whirlwinds shake fair buds