fall (v.) Old form(s): fals
drop, descend, let fall
AYL III.v.5[Silvius to Phebe] The common executioner ... / Falls not the axe upon the humbled neck
CE II.ii.134[Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] as easy mayst thou fall / A drop of water in the breaking gulf
JC IV.ii.26[Brutus to Lucilius, of insincere men compared to horses] when they should endure the bloody spur, / They fall their crests
MM II.i.6[Escalus to Angelo] Let us ... rather cut a little / Than fall
MND V.i.141[Quince to all, of Thisbe] as she fled, her mantle she did fall
MV I.iii.85[Shylock to Antonio, of ewes] Who ... did in eaning time / Fall parti-coloured lambs
Oth IV.i.246[Othello to Desdemona] If that the earth could teem with woman's tears, / Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile
R3 I.ii.183[stage direction, of Anne] She falls the sword [F; Q lets fall]
R3 I.iii.352[Richard to Murderers] Your eyes drop millstones when fools' eyes fall tears
R3 V.iii.136[Ghost of Clarence to Richard] think on me, / And fall thy edgeless sword
R3 V.iii.164[Ghost of Anne to Richard] think on me, / And fall thy edgeless sword
TC I.iii.379[Ulysses to Nestor, of Achilles] make him fall / His crest that prouder than blue Iris bends
WT I.ii.372[Polixenes to Camillo, of Leontes] falling / A lip of much contempt