full (adv.)
fully, completely, properly
1H6 V.v.17[Suffolk to King, of Margaret] So full replete with choice of all delights
2H6 I.i.66[King to York] We here discharge your grace from being Regent / I'the parts of France, till term of eighteen months / Be full expired
KJ V.ii.59[Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of people unlike him] Full warm of blood, of mirth, of gossiping
KL I.iv.334[Gonerill to Oswald, of Regan] Inform her full of my particular fear
MA I.i.101[Don Pedro to Benedick, of Leonato's response] You have it full [i.e. well-answered]
TC IV.iv.3[Cressida to Pandarus] The grief is fine, full perfect, that I taste
TNK I.i.220.1[Theseus to Pirithous] Keep the feast full
TS I.i.195[Lucentio to Tranio, of his plan] content thee, for I have it full
WT I.ii.129[Leontes to Mamillius] Thou want'st a rough pash and the shoots that I have / To be full like me