forbear (v.) Old form(s): Forbeare , forbeares
leave alone, avoid, stay away [from]
2H6 III.iii.31[King to Warwick] Forbear to judge
2H6 IV.vii.71[Say to rebels] You cannot but forbear to murder me
2H6 IV.x.52[Iden to Cade] Let this my sword report what speech forbears [i.e. what words refuse to say]
AC I.ii.122.2[Antony to Messenger] Forbear me
AC II.vii.39.2[Pompey to Menas] Forbear me till anon
AC II.vii.96.2[Caesar to Antony, of drinking more] I could well forbear't
AYL II.vii.128[Orlando to all] but forbear your food a little while
Cym III.v.39[Queen to Cymbeline, of Innogen] Forbear sharp speeches to her
Cym IV.ii.278[Guiderius singing, as if to dead Innogen] Ghost unlaid forbear thee!
Ham V.i.269[Gertrude to all, of Hamlet] For love of God, forbear him
KL I.ii.158[Edmund to Edgar, of Gloucester] forbear his presence
Sonn.41.9[]yet thou mightst my seat forbear
TN III.ii.77[Maria to Sir Toby, of Malvolio] I can hardly forbear hurling things at him
Ven.526[] No fisher but the ungrown fry forbears