fit (adj.)
suited, fitting, appropriate
AW[Second Lord to Bertram, of Parolles] It were fit you knew him
CE IV.iii.95[Courtesan alone] This course I fittest choose
Cor I.i.130[Menenius to Citizens, as the belly addressing the other body parts] I receive the general food at first / Which you do live upon; and fit it is
Cym IV.i.2[Cloten alone, of Posthumus] How fit his garments serve me!
H8 II.ii.115[King Henry to Wolsey, of Gardiner] I find him a fit fellow
Ham IV.v.10[Gentleman to Gertrude, of people's reaction to Ophelia's speech] They ... / botch the words up fit to their own thoughts
KL I.i.97[Cordelia to Lear] I return those duties back as are right fit [i.e. as it is fitting to be returned]
KL I.ii.180[Edmund alone] All with me's meet that I can fashion fit [i.e. to suit my purpose]
KL I.ii.73[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] I have heard him oft maintaining it to be fit
LLL I.i.98.2[Berowne to Dumaine, of Berowne's previous remark] Fit in his place and time
TN III.i.65[Viola alone, of Feste] folly that he wisely shows is fit
TN III.iv.170[Maria to Sir Toby, of giving the letter to Viola as Cesario] You may have very fit occasion for't
TNK I.i.160[Theseus to Artesius] How to draw out fit to this enterprise / The primest for this proceeding