fardel (n.) Old form(s): Fardles , Farthell
burden, load, bundle
Ham III.i.76[Hamlet alone] Who would fardels bear
WT IV.iv.703[Shepherd to Clown, of Polixenes] There is that in this fardel will make him scratch his beard [F Farthell]
WT IV.iv.713[Autolycus to Clown and Shepherd] the condition of that fardel
WT IV.iv.750[Autolycus to Shepherd] The fardel there, what's i'th' fardel?
WT V.ii.114[Autolycus alone, of Florizel and the rustics] I ... told him I heard them talk of a fardel
WT V.ii.3[First Gentleman to Autolycus] I was by at the opening of the fardel

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