brace (n.)
group of two, couple, pair
3H6 II.v.129[Queen to King] Edward and Richard, like a brace of greyhounds
Cor II.i.40[Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] a brace of unmeriting, proud, violent, testy magistrates
Cor II.iii.60[Coriolanus to Menenius, of the people] here comes a brace
Cor III.i.243[Menenius to Coriolanus, of the Plebeians] I could myself / Take up a brace o'th' best of them
Cym I.v.87[Iachimo to Posthumus] your brace of unprizable estimations
KJ IV.i.97[Arthur to Hubert] the utterance of a brace of tongues / Must needs want pleading for a pair of eyes
LLL V.ii.521[Armado to King] Anointed, I implore so much expense of thy royal sweet breath as will utter a brace of words.
Oth II.iii.27[Iago to Cassio] a brace of Cyprus gallants
R2 I.iv.32[King Richard to all, of his cousin] A brace of draymen bid God speed him well
R3 III.vii.73[Buckingham to Lord Mayor, of Richard] dallying with a brace of courtesans
RJ V.iii.295[Prince to Capulet and Montague] I ... / Have lost a brace of kinsmen
TC IV.v.175[Menelaus to Troilus and Hector] You brace of warlike brothers, welcome hither
Tem V.i.126[Prospero aside to Sebastian and Antonio] my brace of lords
Tim I.ii.188[Third Servant to Timon] Lucullus ... has sent your honour two brace of greyhounds
Tim IV.iii.80[Timon to Alcibiades] a brace of harlots
TNK III.i.20[Arcite alone] A brace of horses