limit (n.)
prescribed time, fixed period
E3 IV.iv.147[Audley to Prince Edward] If we fear not, then no resolved proffer / Can overthrow the limit of our fate [i.e. our destiny]
MM III.i.217[disguised Duke to Isabella, of the engagement between Angelo and Mariana] between which time of the contract and limit of the solemnity
R2 I.iii.151[King Richard to Mowbray] The sly slow hours shall not determinate / The dateless limit of thy dear exile
R3 III.iii.7[Ratcliffe to all] The limit of your lives is out
WT III.ii.105[Hermione to Leontes, of the way she has been treated] hurried / Here to this place ... before / I have got strength of limit [i.e. the convalescent period after childbirth]

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