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light (adj.)
promiscuous, licentious, immoral, wanton
2H4 II.iv.290[Falstaff to Prince Henry, of Doll] by this light - flesh and corrupt blood, thou art welcome
CE IV.iii.52[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse, of the Courtesan as the devil's mother] here she comes in the habit of a light wench
CE IV.iii.56[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse] Ergo, light wenches will burn
E3 II.ii.91[King Edward to himself] Lust is a fire, and men like lanthorns show / Light lust within themselves
LLL II.i.185[Longaville to Boyet, of Maria] Perchance light in the light [first instance]
LLL IV.iii.361[Berowne alone] Light wenches may prove plagues to men forsworn
LLL V.ii.20[Katharine to Rosaline, of the meaning of her remark] A light condition in a beauty dark
MA III.iv.41[Beatrice to Margaret] Ye light o'love, with your heels! [i.e. be light-heeled = be unchaste]
MM V.i.278[Lucio to Escalus] women are light at midnight [punning on 'darkly' in previous line]