lusty (adj.) Old form(s): lustie
vigorous, strong, robust, eager
1H4 V.iv.21[King Henry to Prince Hal, of Lancaster's fighting] With lustier maintenance than I did look for / Of such an ungrown warrior
2H4 II.i.3[Hostess to Fang] Is't a lusty yeoman? Will 'a stand to't?
3H6 I.iv.74[Queen to York, of his sons] The wanton Edward, and the lusty George [or: other senses]
AW II.iii.25[Parolles to Lafew, of the King] your dolphin is not lustier
AYL II.iii.47[Adam to Orlando] yet I am strong and lusty
E3 I.i.143[King Edward to Prince Edward, of his men] Let them be soldiers of a lusty spirit
E3 III.iii.221[King Edward to and of Prince Edward] To dignify whose lusty spirit the more
E3 IV.vii.52[Audley to Prince Edward] These two poor squires redeemed me from the French / With lusty and dear hazard of their lives
H5 IV.viii.97[King Henry to all, naming the French dead] of lusty earls, / Grandpr?š and Roussi
JC II.ii.78[Caesar to Decius] many lusty Romans / Came smiling
KJ I.i.108[Robert Faulconbridge to King John, of the Bastard] When this same lusty gentleman was got [or: merry]
KJ II.i.255[King Philip to Hubert, of a French retreat] We will bear home that lusty blood again
KJ II.i.322[English Herald to Hubert] like a jolly troop of huntsmen come / Our lusty English
KJ II.i.426[Hubert to King John and King Philip] If lusty love should go in quest of beauty, / Where should he find it fairer than in Blanche? [or: lustful]
KJ II.i.461[Bastard to himself, of Hubert] What cannoneer begot this lusty blood?
KJ V.ii.117[Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph, of a trumpet call] What lusty trumpet thus doth summon us?
KL I.ii.11[Edmund alone] the lusty stealth of nature [also: lustful]
R2 I.iii.66[Bolingbroke to Aumerle, of himself] Not sick, ... / But lusty
R2 I.iii.77[Bolingbroke to John of Gaunt] furbish new the name of John o' Gaunt / Even in the lusty haviour of his son!
R2 V.iii.19[Percy to King Henry, of his son] He would unhorse the lustiest challenger
Sonn.2.6[] being asked where all thy beauty lies, / Where all the treasure of thy lusty days
Sonn.5.7[] Sap checked with frost and lusty leaves quite gone
TC IV.v.136[Hector to Ajax] thou hast lusty arms
Tem II.i.121[Francisco to Alonso, of Ferdinand] he ... oared / Himself with his good arms in lusty stroke / To th'shore
Tem II.i.55[Gonzalo to all] How lush and lusty the grass looks!
Tit V.i.19[Lucius to all] who comes here, led by a lusty Goth?
TNK[Palamon to Arcite] I am well and lusty
Ven.260[] A breeding jennet, lusty, young and proud, / Adonis' trampling courser doth espy
Ven.31[of Venus] Over one arm the lusty courser's rein
WT II.ii.27[Emilia to Paulina, of Hermione's baby] a goodly babe, / Lusty, and like to live