blood (n.) Old form(s): bloud
nobility, breeding, gentility, good parentage
2H4 II.ii.3[Poins to Prince Henry] I had thought weariness durst not have attached one of so high blood
2H4 IV.ii.55[Prince John to Westmorland] I ... swear here, by the honour of my blood
AW I.i.60[Countess to Bertram] Thy blood and virtue / Contend for empire in thee
E3 II.i.416[Countess to Warwick, of King Edward] Hath he no means to stain my honest blood, / But to corrupt the author of my blood
H5 IV.viii.89[King Henry to all] gentlemen of blood and quality
H8 I.i.123.1[Buckingham to Norfolk and Abergavenny] A beggar's book / Outworths a noble's blood
KJ II.i.493[King John to King Philip, of Blanche] she in beauty, education, blood, / Holds hand with any princess of the world
KJ III.i.301[Blanche to Lewis the Dauphin, of his call to arms] Against the blood that thou hast married? [i.e. the royal line]
KL III.i.40[disguised Kent to Gentleman] I am a gentleman of blood and breeding
MND I.i.135[Lysander to Hermia] The course of true love never did run smooth; / But either it was different in blood ... Or else misgraffed in respect of years
R2 III.i.9[Bolingbroke to Bushy and Green] You have misled ... / A happy gentleman in blood and lineaments
TC III.iii.26[Calchas to Agamemnon] Give us a prince of blood, a son of Priam
TC prologue.2[Prologue] The princes orgulous, their high blood chafed [or: passion]
TNK II.i.284[Palamon alone, of Arcite] like enough the Duke hath taken notice / Both of his blood and body
WT I.ii.330[Leontes to Camillo] Give scandal to the blood o'th' Prince, my son
WT I.ii.73[Polixenes to Hermione, of him and Leontes] Had ... our weak spirits ne'er been higher reared / With stronger blood
WT IV.iv.148[Perdita to Florizel] your youth / And the true blood which peeps fairly through't / Do plainly give you out an unstained shepherd