leave (v.) Old form(s): leaue
cease, stop, give up
1H6 I.iv.81[Talbot to all, of Salisbury] Whilst any trump did sound or drum struck up, / His sword did ne'er leave striking in the field
1H6 IV.i.108[Richard to Somerset] Will not this malice, Somerset, be left?
2H6 II.i.177[Gloucester to Cardinal] leave to afflict my heart
2H6 III.ii.333[Suffolk to Queen] You bade me ban, and will you bid me leave?
3H6 II.ii.168[George to Queen] We'll never leave till we have hewn thee down
Cor IV.ii.52[Volumnia to Virgilia] Leave this faint puling
Cym I.v.96[Philario to Posthumus and Iachimo, of their argument] Let us leave here
E3 IV.v.77[Charles to King John] rather let me leave to be a prince / Than break the stable verdict of a prince
H8 III.i.2[Queen Katherine to Gentlewoman] Leave working
H8 IV.ii.94.2[Katherine to Griffith] Bid the music leave
H8 V.iv.2[Porter to servants within] Ye rude slaves, leave your gaping
Ham III.ii.184[First Player as King to his Queen] My operant powers their functions leave to do [i.e. no longer perform]
Ham III.iv.67[Hamlet to Gertrude, of his father] Could you on this fair mountain leave to feed
Luc.148[] in venturing ill we leave to be / The things we are for that which we expect
TC V.i.91[Thersites alone, of Diomedes] I will rather leave to see Hector than not to dog him [i.e. I'd rather forgo seeing Hector]
TG II.vi.17[Proteus alone] I cannot leave to love
TG III.i.182[Valentine alone, of Silvia] I leave to be, / If I be not by her fair influence / Fostered
Tit I.i.427[Titus to Bassianus] leave to plead my deeds
TNK prologue.32[if the play is not a success] Our losses fall so thick we must needs leave [i.e. give up acting]
WT IV.iv.337[Shepherd to Servant] Leave your prating