advantage (n.) Old form(s): aduantage , aduantages
advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
1H4 III.ii.180[King Henry to all] Advantage feeds him fat while men delay.
1H6 IV.iv.19[Lucy to Somerset, of Talbot] in advantage lingering, looks for rescue [i.e. staying as long as he can in a good position - but other interpretations are possible]
AC IV.xi.4[Caesar to all] To the vales, / And hold our best advantage
Ham I.ii.21[Claudius to his court, of young Fortinbras' ambitions] this dream of his advantage
KJ II.i.297[Bastard to King John] Speed then, to take advantage of the field
KJ II.i.40[King Philip to all, of the strategists] To cull the plots of best advantages
KJ V.vii.62[Bastard to King John, of his army] As I upon advantage did remove [i.e. to seize an advantage]
R2 III.iii.42[Bolingbroke to Northumberland] I'll use the advantage of my power
Sonn.64.6[] I have seen the hungry ocean gain / Advantage on the kingdom of the shore