bounty (n.) Old form(s): Bountie, Bounties
great generosity, gracious liberality, munificence
AW IV.iii.9[Second Lord to First Lord, of Bertram] the King ... had even tuned his bounty to sing happiness to him
E3 I.ii.148[Countess to King Edward, of her house] inly beautified / With bounty's riches [QQ bounties]
E3 IV.v.102[Charles to King John, of Salisbury and his knights] The royal king ... / Would not alone safe-conduct give to them, / But with all bounty feasted them and theirs
LC.41[] monarch's hands that lets not bounty fall
MV III.iv.9[Lorenzo to Portia] I know you would be prouder of the work / Than customary bounty can enforce you
RJ II.ii.133[Juliet to Romeo] My bounty is as boundless as the sea, / My love as deep
Sonn.11.12[of Nature's provision] Which bounteous gift thou shouldst in bounty cherish
Sonn.53.11[of spring and increase] The one doth shadow of your beauty show, / The other as your bounty doth appear
TC IV.v.102[Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Troilus] Yet gives he not till judgement guide his bounty
TC IV.v.273[Agamemnon to Greeks, of inviting Hector to visit] As Hector's leisure and your bounties shall / Concur together, severally entreat him
Tim II.ii.238[Flavius to Timon, of friends not helping out] That thought is bounty's foe
Tim IV.ii.41[Flavius alone] bounty, that makes gods, does still mar men
Tim V.i.56[Poet to Timon] Having often of your open bounty tasted
WT I.ii.113[Leontes to himself, of Hermione and Polixenes] This entertainment / May ... derive a liberty / From heartiness, from bounty