kern (n.) Old form(s): Kerne, Kernes
lightly armed Irish foot-soldier
2H6 III.i.310[Cardinal to York] Th'uncivil kerns of Ireland are in arms
2H6 III.i.361[York alone] In Ireland have I seen this stubborn Cade / Oppose himself against a troop of kerns
2H6 III.i.367[York alone, of Cade] like a shag-haired crafty kern
2H6 IV.ix.26[Messenger to King] a mighty power / Of gallowglasses and stout kerns / Is marching hitherward in proud array
H5 III.vii.51[Dauphin to Constable, of his mistress] you rode like a kern of Ireland
Mac I.ii.13[Captain to King] The merciless Macdonwald ... from the Western Isles / Of kerns and galloglasses is supplied
Mac I.ii.30[Captain to King, of the battle] justice ... / Compelled these skipping kerns to trust their heels
Mac[Macduff alone] I cannot strike at kerns, whose arms / Are hired to bear their staves
R2 II.i.156[King Richard to York, of the Irish] We must supplant those rough rug-headed kerns