boisterous (adj.) Old form(s): boistrous , boysterous , boystrous , boyst'rous
violent, fierce, savage
3H6 II.i.70[Edward as if to Clifford] O ... boisterous Clifford!
AYL II.iii.32[Orlando to Adam] with a base and boisterous sword enforce / A thievish living
AYL IV.iii.32[Rosalind as Ganymede to Silvius, of Phebe's letter to Ganymede] 'tis a boisterous and a cruel style
E3 I.ii.75[Countess to herself] The confident and boist'rous boasting Scot
E3 II.i.177[Edward to Lodowick] let the captain talk of boist'rous war
E3 II.i.428[Countess to Warwick, of King Edward] his too boist'rous will
Oth I.iii.225[Duke to Othello] You must ... be content to slubber the gloss of your new fortunes with this more ... boisterous expedition
R2 I.i.4[King Richard to John of Gaunt] Here to make good the boisterous late appeal ... / Against the Duke of Norfolk
R2 I.iii.134[King Richard to Bolingbroke and Mowbray] roused up with boisterous untuned drums
Tim IV.iii.223[Apemantus to Timon] thinkest / That the bleak air, thy boisterous chamberlain, / Will put thy shirt on warm?

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