jealous (adj.) Old form(s): iealous
suspicious, mistrustful, wary, watchful
JC I.ii.71[Cassius to Brutus] be not jealous on me, gentle Brutus
KL I.iv.68[Lear to Third Knight, of the servants' neglect] which I have rather blamed as mine own jealous curiosity
KL V.i.56[Edmund alone, of Gonerill and Regan] Each jealous of the other
Luc.800[Lucrece as if to night] Let not the jealous Day behold that face
R3 I.i.81[Richard to Clarence, of Queen Elizabeth] The jealous o'erworn widow
R3 III.i.36[Buckingham to Hastings, of Queen Elizabeth and York] from her jealous arms pluck him perforce
RJ V.iii.33[Romeo to Balthasar] if thou, jealous, dost return to pry
TG III.i.28[Duke to Proteus] fearing lest my jealous aim might err
TS IV.v.76[Petruchio to Vincentio] our first merriment hath made thee jealous
Ven.321[of the jennet and Adonis] the unbacked breeder ... / Jealous of catching, swiftly doth forsake him