bravely (adv.) Old form(s): brauely
splendidly, worthily, excellently
1H4 V.iv.128[Prince Hal to Lancaster] full bravely hast thou fleshed / Thy maiden sword
1H6 I.ii.71[Reignier to all, of Pucelle] She takes upon her bravely at first dash
1H6 III.iii.88[Alen??on to all] Pucelle hath bravely played her part [also: courageously]
2H4 II.iv.49[Falstaff to Doll] to serve bravely is to come halting off [with bawdy pun]
AW II.v.92.2[Parolles to Bertram, responding to his decision to leave] Bravely. Coragio!
AW III.v.51[Diana to Helena, of Bertram] He's bravely taken here
AYL III.iv.38[Celia to Rosalind, of Orlando] He ... swears brave oaths and breaks them bravely
Cor V.iii.117[Volumnia to Coriolanus] bear the palm for having bravely shed / Thy wife and children's blood
Cym II.ii.15[Iachimo to himself, of Innogen] How bravely thou becom'st thy bed!
Cym II.iv.73[Iachimo to Posthumus, of Innogen's tapestry] A piece of work / So bravely done
H5[Gower to Fluellen of military combatants] who came off bravely
Mac[Seyward to Malcolm] The noble thanes do bravely in the war [also: courageously]
TC I.ii.183[Pandarus to Cressida] here we may see most bravely
Tem III.iii.84[Prospero aside to Ariel] Bravely the figure of this harpy hast thou / Performed
Tem V.i.224[Boatswain to all, of their ship] Is tight and yare and bravely rigged
Tem V.i.241[Prospero to Ariel] Bravely, my diligence
TNK IV.ii.145[Hippolyta to Theseus, of the knights] They would show / Bravely about the titles of two kingdoms [i.e. if they were fighting about the rights to kingdoms]
TNK V.iv.73[Pirithous to Palamon, of Arcite's horse] seeks ... to disseat / His lord, that kept it bravely [i.e. stayed in his saddle]

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