break (v.) Old form(s): breake
break one's promise, not keep one's word
2H4 epilogue.11[Epilogue, of the play] I meant indeed to pay you with this, which, if like an ill venture it come unluckily home, I break [also: go bankrupt]
Cor[Brutus to all] It cannot be / The Volsces dare break with us
MV I.iii.133[Antonio to Shylock, of the loan] lend it rather to thine enemy, / Who if he break, thou mayst with better face / Exact the penalty [also: go bankrupt]
MV III.i.105[Tubal to Shylock] There came divers of Antonio's creditors ... that swear he cannot choose but break [also: go bankrupt]
MW III.ii.50[Slender to Ford, of Anne] I would not break with her for more money than I'll speak of
TNK III.iii.45.1[Palamon to Arcite, of the promise not to mention Emilia] Base cousin, / Darest thou break first?
TNK III.v.48[ Second Countryman to all, of Cicely] She swore by wine and bread she would not break

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