by and by (adv.)
immediately, straightaway, directly
2H6 II.i.138[Gloucester to Mayor] fetch me a stool hither by and by
Cor II.ii.113[Cominius to all, of Coriolanus] Now all's his, / When by and by the din of war 'gan pierce / His ready sense
Ham III.ii.390[Hamlet to Polonius] I will come to my mother by and by [or: sense 2]
MM IV.ii.67.2[Provost alone, as if to the knocking] By and by [i.e. I'm coming]
MW IV.i.7[Mistress Page to Mistress Quickly, of Mistress Ford] I'll be with her by and by
Oth IV.i.54[Iago to Cassio, of Othello's supposed epilepsy] by and by / Breaks out to savage madness
Oth V.ii.92[Othello to Emilia, of her entering the room] By and by
PP.20.14[of a nightingale] ‘Fie, fie, fie,’ now would she cry, / ‘Tereu, Tereu,’ by and by
RJ III.i.170[Benvolio to Prince] Tybalt fled, / But by and by comes back to Romeo
RJ III.iii.77[Friar to Nurse knocking at the door] By and by!
RJ V.iii.284[Page to Prince, of Paris and Romeo] by and by my master drew on him
Tem II.i.15[Sebastian aside to Antonio, of Gonzalo's wit] By and by it will strike [or: sense 2]
Tem III.ii.148[Stephano to Caliban, of Prospero's death] That shall be by and by [or: sense 2]