happy (adj.) Old form(s): happie
fortunate, lucky, favoured
1H6 V.iii.115[Suffolk to Margaret] If happy England's royal King be free
1H6 V.iii.148[Suffolk to Reignier] happy for so sweet a child [i.e. fortunate to have]
2H6 IV.i.55[Suffolk to Lieutenant] Hast thou not ... thought thee happy when I shook my head?
3H6 II.ii.47[King to Clifford] happy always was it for that son / Whose father for his hoarding went to hell
3H6 III.ii.104[Edward to Lady Grey] 'tis a happy thing / To be the father unto many sons
3H6 V.i.71[Edward to Richard] My mind presageth happy gain
AC IV.v.1[Soldier to Antony] The gods make this a happy day to Antony!
Cor IV.vii.39[Aufidius to Lieutenant] pride, / Which out of daily fortune ever taints / The happy man
H8 IV.ii.147[Katherine to Capuchius, of her serving-women] those men are happy that shall have 'em
KL IV.vi.226.2[Oswald to all, of Gloucester] A proclaimed prize! Most happy!
KL IV.vi.72[disguised Edgar to Gloucester] thou happy father
KL V.iii.36[Edmund to Captain] write happy when th' hast done
R2 III.i.9[Bolingbroke to Bushy and Green] You have misled ... / A happy gentleman in blood and lineaments
RJ III.iii.137[Friar to Romeo] Thy Juliet is alive ... / There art thou happy
TG III.i.57[Valentine to Duke] My health and happy being at your court

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