home (adv.)
fully, thoroughly, unsparingly
1H4 I.iii.282[Worcester to all, of King Henry] will ... think we think ourselves unsatisfied, / Till he hath found a time to pay us home
AW V.iii.4.1[King to Countess, of Helena] your son ... lacked the sense to know / Her estimation home
Cor II.ii.101[Cominius to all, of Coriolanus] I cannot speak him home [i.e. I cannot say enough about him]
Cor III.iii.1[Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus] In this point charge him home
Cor IV.i.8[Coriolanus to Volumnia] fortune's blows / When most struck home
Cym III.v.93[Cloten to Pisanio] satisfy me home
Cym IV.ii.328[Innogen alone, of her deductions] That confirms it home
Ham III.iii.29[Polonius to Claudius, of Gertrude and Hamlet] I'll warrant she'll tax him home
KL II.i.50[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] in fell motion / With his prepared sword he charges home / My unprovided body
KL III.iii.11[Gloucester to Edmund] These injuries the King now bears will be revenged home
KL III.iv.16[Lear to disguised Kent] I will punish home
Mac I.iii.119.2[Banquo to Macbeth, of the Witches' predictions] That trusted home / Might yet enkindle you unto the crown
MM IV.iii.142[disguised Duke to Isabella] to the head of Angelo / Accuse him home and home [i.e. completely and utterly]
Tem V.i.71[Prospero to charmed Gonzalo] I will pay thy graces / Home
Tit II.i.118[Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron, of Lavinia] Single you thither then this dainty doe, / And strike her home by force
Tit IV.iii.3[Titus to Marcus] Look ye draw home enough, and 'tis there straight
TNK V.ii.11[Wooer to Doctor, of the Gaoler's Daughter] fit her home [i.e. give her everything she needs]
TNK V.ii.35[Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Please her appetite, / And do it home
WT V.iii.4[Paulina to Leontes] All my services / You have paid home