general (adj.) Old form(s): generall
common, of everyone, public
1H4 IV.i.5[Hotspur to Douglas] not a soldier of this season's stamp / Should go as general current through the world
2H6 V.ii.43[Young Clifford to himself] Now let the general trumpet blow his blast
AC I.ii.106[Antony to Messenger] mince not the general tongue [i.e. what everyone is saying]
AW I.iii.219[Helena to Countess, of her father's prescriptions] collected / For general sovereignty
Cor III.i.146[Coriolanus to Brutus] the yea and no / Of general ignorance
Cor III.ii.66[Volumnia to Coriolanus] show our general louts / How you can frown
Cym IV.i.12[Cloten alone, of himself compared to Posthumus] alike conversant in general services [i.e. of the kind that everyone does]
Ham II.ii.560[Hamlet alone, of the First Player] And cleave the general ear with horrid speech
JC V.v.71[Antony to all, of Brutus] in a general honest thought / And common good to all
KL[Gentleman to all, as if Lear] Thou hast one daughter / Who redeems nature from the general curse [i.e. the evil affecting everyone]
LLL II.i.11[Boyet to Princess, of her beauty given by Nature] When she did starve the general world beside
TC V.ii.135[Troilus to Ulysses] do not give advantage / To stubborn critics, apt, without a theme / For depravation, to square the general sex / By Cressid's rule [i.e. women as a whole]
Tim IV.i.6[Timon alone] To general filths / Convert o'th' instant, green virginity
Tim IV.iii.161[Timon to all, of removing the nose] Of him that, his particular to foresee, / Smells from the general weal [i.e. goes hunting off on his own]
Tim V.ii.7[Messenger to Senators, of a courier] though in general part we were opposed [i.e. in public affairs]
Tit II.iii.183[Lavinia to and of Tamora] The blot and enemy to our general name