goodly (adj.) Old form(s): goodlie
splendid, excellent, fine
2H4 II.iv.195[Hostess to all] Here's goodly stuff toward! [ironic use]
AC II.vii.35[Lepidus to all] I have heard the Ptolemies' pyramises are very goodly things
AW III.ii.9[Clown to Countess] I knew a man ... hold a goodly manor for a song
LC.137[] Like fools that in th'imagination set / The goodly objects which abroad they find
Luc.1247[of women] Their smoothness, like a goodly champain plain, / Lays open all the little worms that creep
MA III.iii.171[Borachio to Conrade] We are likely to prove a goodly commodity, being taken up of these men's bills
Oth II.iii.154[Iago to all] Here's a goodly watch indeed [ironic use]
Per V.i.17[Lysimachus to Helicanus] Seeing this goodly vessel ride before us
Per V.i.33[Helicanus to Lysimachus, of Pericles] This was a goodly person
RJ II.iv.98[Romeo to Mercutio and Benvolio, of their conversation] Here's goodly gear!
Tem V.i.260[Trinculo to all] here's a goodly sight!
Tim III.iii.28[Servant alone, as if to Sempronius] Your lordship's a goodly villain
Tit II.iii.67[Lavinia to Tamora] 'Tis thought you have a goodly gift in horning
TS induction.2.80[Sly to Second Servingman, of his supposed fifteen-year sleep] By my fay, a goodly nap
TS induction.2.83[First Servingman to Sly] you lay here in this goodly chamber

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