groom (n.) Old form(s): Groome , Groomes
serving-man, servant, male attendant
H8 V.i.172[Old Lady alone, of the money she has been offered] An ordinary groom is for such payment
H8 V.iii.144[King Henry to all, of Cranmer] I gave ye / Power as he was a Councillor to try him, / Not as a groom
Luc.1013[Lucrece to herself] Poor grooms are sightless night, kings glorious day
Luc.1632[Lucrece to Collatine, of Tarquin's words] some hard-favoured groom of thine ... / I'll murder straight
Luc.671[Tarquin to Lucrece] despitefully I mean to bear thee / Unto the base bed of some rascal groom
Mac II.ii.5[Lady Macbeth alone] the surfeited grooms / Do mock their charge with snores
Mac II.ii.50.1[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] smear / The sleepy grooms with blood
Mac II.ii.56[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal [i.e. with blood]
Tit IV.ii.163[Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron, of burying the dead Nurse] The fields are near, and you are gallant grooms
TS III.ii.151[Gremio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio] 'Tis a groom indeed, / A grumbling groom [also: sense 3]