blood (n.) Old form(s): bloud
blood relationship, kinship
1H4 I.iii.144[Worcester to Northumberland and Hotspur, of Mortimer] Was he not proclaimed ... the next of blood? [i.e. next in line to the throne]
1H4 III.ii.6[King Henry to Prince Hal, of God] in his secret doom out of my blood / He'll breed revengement
2H4 IV.iv.44[King Henry IV to Clarence, of his brothers] the united vessel of their blood
2H6 I.i.149[Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] he is the next of blood [i.e. next in line to the throne]
2H6 I.ii.63[Duchess alone] Were I a man, a duke, and next of blood [i.e. next in line to the throne]
AYL I.i.43[Orlando to Oliver] in the gentle condition of blood you should so know me
AYL I.i.45[Orlando to Oliver] you are the first born, but the same tradition takes not away my blood
AYL II.iii.37[Orlando to Adam, of Oliver] the malice / Of a diverted blood
KJ V.i.11[King John to Cardinal Pandulph, of the English] Swearing allegiance and the love of soul / To stranger blood, to foreign royalty
KL I.i.114[Lear to Cordelia] Here I disclaim all ... property of blood [i.e. property due to you because of our relationship]
KL II.iv.220[Lear to Gonerill] Thou art a boil ... / In my corrupted blood
KL III.iv.160[Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Edgar] Now outlawed from my blood
Mac II.iii.137[Donalbain to Malcolm] The nea'er in blood / The nearer bloody
MM III.i.146[Isabella to Claudio, of him and his father] such a warped slip of wilderness / Ne'er issued from his blood
MV II.iii.18[Jessica alone, of Shylock] I am a daughter to his blood
R3 I.ii.16[Anne to dead Henry VI] Cursed the blood that let this blood from hence! [first instance]
R3 II.iv.63[Duchess of York to all] brother to brother, / Blood to blood, self against self
R3 III.vii.134[Buckingham to Richard, of Richard's right to be king] as successively, from blood to blood, / Your right of birth
RJ III.i.189[Prince to Montague] My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding
TN V.i.207[Sebastian to Olivia, of hurting Sir Toby] had it been the brother of my blood / I must have done no less
TNK I.ii.1[Arcite to Palamon] dearer in love than blood
TNK II.i.227[Palamon to Arcite] Friendship, blood, / And all the ties between us I disclaim

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