gallant (n.)
fine gentleman, man of fashion
1H4 II.iv.271[Falstaff to all] Gallants, lads, boys
1H6 III.ii.41[Pucelle to the English] Good morrow, gallants
2H6 V.iii.4[York to all, of Salisbury] like a gallant in the brow of youth
AYL I.ii.187[Charles to all, of Orlando] where is this young gallant
AYL II.ii.17[Duke Frederick to all, of Orlando] fetch that gallant hither
H8 I.iii.19[Lovell to Lord Chamberlain, of the purpose of a proclamation] The reformation of our travelled gallants
Ham IV.vii.83[Claudius to Laertes, of Lamord] But this gallant / Had witchcraft in't [i.e. his horsemanship]
LLL V.ii.126[Princess to all, of the King's party] The gallants shall be tasked
LLL V.ii.308[Boyet to ladies] The gallants are at hand
LLL V.ii.321[Berowne to all, of Boyet] This gallant pins the wenches on his sleeve
LLL V.ii.363[Princess to King, of the Russian visitors] Trim gallants, full of courtship and of state
MA III.ii.14[Benedick to all] Gallants, I am not as I have been
MA III.iv.87[Ursula to Hero] all the gallants of the town, are come to fetch you to church
MA IV.i.311[Beatrice to Benedick, of Claudio] Count Comfect; a sweet gallant, surely!
MW II.i.21[Mistress Page alone, of Falstaff] to show himself a young gallant
MW III.ii.1[Mistress Page to Robin] Nay, keep your way, little gallant
Oth II.iii.39[Iago to Cassio] the gallants desire it [that Cassio should drink with them]
R2 V.iii.15[King Henry to Percy, of Henry's son] what said the gallant?
Tem I.ii.414[Prospero to Miranda, of Ferdinand] This gallant which thou seest / Was in the wrack
TS III.ii.84[Petruchio to all] where be these gallants?
TS IV.iii.192[Hortensio to himself, of Petruchio] this gallant will command the sun

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