gall (v.) Old form(s): gall'd
chafe, rub, make sore
2H4 I.ii.149[Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] I am loath to gall a new-healed wound
Ham V.i.139[Hamlet to Horatio] the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier he galls his kibe
MW III.iv.5[Fenton to Anne] my state being galled with my expense [i.e. reduced with too much wearing away]
Per IV.i.54[Marina to Leonine, of Pericles] galling / His kingly hands haling ropes
R2 V.v.94[Richard to Groom] I bear a burden like an ass, / Spurred, galled, and tired by jauncing Bolingbroke

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