banquet, banket (n.)
refreshments, light meal, dessert
AC I.ii.12[Enobarbus to servants] Bring in the banquet quickly
AYL II.v.59[Amiens to Jaques, of Duke Senior] his banquet is prepared
MA II.i.156[Don John to Borachio] let us to the banquet
RJ I.v.122[Capulet to Romeo and Benvolio] We have a trifling foolish banquet towards
Tim I.ii.152[Timon to Ladies] there is an idle banquet attends you
TNK III.i.109[Arcite to Palamon] they call / The scattered to the banquet
TS induction.1.37[Lord to Huntsmen, of Sly] A most delicious banquet by his bed
TS V.ii.1.5[stage direction] the Servingmen bringing in a banquet

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