rude (adj.)
uncivilized, uncultivated, unrefined
1H4 I.i.41[Westmorland to King Henry] Mortimer ... / Was by the rude hands of that Welshman [Glendower] taken [or: violent]
1H4 III.ii.14[King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hal's behaviour] Such barren pleasures, rude society
2H6 III.ii.135[Warwick to Salisbury] Stay ... / With the rude multitude till I return
2H6 III.ii.271[Suffolk to Salisbury] the commons, rude unpolished hinds
2H6 V.i.64[Iden to King, of himself] one so rude and of so mean condition
Cym III.vii.38[Belarius to disguised Innogen] nor measure our good minds / By this rude place we live in
H8 V.iv.2[Porter to servants within] Ye rude slaves, leave your gaping
JC III.ii.30[Brutus to all] Who is here so rude that would not be a Roman?
KJ I.i.64[Queen Eleanor to Bastard] Out on thee, rude man!
LLL IV.iii.220[Berowne to King] a rude and savage man of Inde
MM III.ii.31[disguised Duke to Officer, of Pompey] Correction and instruction must both work / Ere this rude beast will profit
MM IV.iii.79[disguised Duke to Provost, of Barnardino] whiles I / Persuade this rude wretch willingly to die
MND III.ii.9[Puck to Oberon, of the rustics] A crew of patches, rude mechanicals ... / Were met together [or: ignorant]
TG V.iv.60[Valentine to Proteus] let go that rude uncivil touch
TNK III.v.103[Schoolmaster to Theseus] We are a few of those collected here / That ruder tongues distinguish villager

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