remember (v.) Old form(s): Remembets , remembred, remembrest , remembring
remind, bring to someone's mind
1H4 V.i.32[Worcester to King Henry] I must remember you, my lord, / We were the first and dearest of your friends
H5 V.chorus.43[Chorus] myself have played / The interim, by remembering you 'tis past
KJ III.iv.96[Constance to King Philip, of Arthur] Grief ... / Remembers me of all his gracious parts
KL I.iv.66[Lear to Third Knight] Thou but rememberest me of mine own conception
R2 I.iii.269[Bolingbroke to John of Gaunt] every tedious stride I make / Will but remember me what a deal of world / I wander
R2 III.iv.14[Queen Isabel to First Lady, of the telling of tales] if of joy, being altogether wanting, / It doth remember me the more of sorrow
R3 II.iv.23[York to Duchess of York, of Richard] if I had been remembered, / I could have given my uncle's grace a flout
Tem I.ii.243[Ariel to Prospero] Since thou dost give me pains, / Let me remember thee what thou has promised
TN V.i.276[Olivia to herself, of Malvolio] now I remember me, / They say ... he's much distract
WT III.ii.228[Paulina to Leontes, of Antigonus] I'll not remember you of my own lord, / Who is lost too

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