requital (n.) Old form(s): requitaIl , requitall
recompense, reward, repayment
AW V.i.5[Helena to Widow and Diana] Be bold you do so grow in my requital / As nothing can unroot you
Cor II.ii.48[First Senator to Cominius] make us think / Rather our state's defective for requital / Than we to stretch it out [i.e. than think that we are unwilling to do as much as we can]
KJ II.i.34[Constance to Austria, of Arthur] give him strength / To make a more requital to your love
MM II.i.233[Escalus to Pompey] in requital of your prophecy
MM V.i.8.1[Duke to Angelo and Escalus] our soul / Cannot but yield you forth to public thanks, / Forerunning more requital
MW IV.ii.3[Falstaff to Mistress Ford] I profess requital to a hair's breadth
TG I.i.143[Speed to Proteus, of the amount of his tip] in requital whereof, henceforth carry your letters yourself