regard (n.)
consideration, concern, thought, heed
1H6 IV.v.22[John Talbot to Talbot] Your loss is great, so your regard should be [i.e. You should be concerened for your safety, because your loss would be a great blow]
Luc.277[Tarquin to himself] Sad pause and deep regard beseems the sage
Luc.305[of doors opened by Tarquin] they all rate his ill, / Which drives the creeping thief to some regard
Mac III.ii.12[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] Things without all remedy / Should be without regard
R2 II.i.28[York to John of Gaunt] too late comes counsel to be heard / Where will doth mutiny with wit's regard [i.e. conflicts with the claims of intelligence]
Tim I.ii.249[Timon to Apemantus] an you begin to rail on society once, I am sworn not to give regard to you
TS IV.i.112[Petruchio to Servants] What, no attendance? No regard? No duty?