resolved (adj.) Old form(s): resolu'd , resolued
determined, settled, decided
2H4 IV.i.211[Archbishop to Mowbray, of King Henry IV] hangs resolved correction in the arm / That was upreared to execution
2H6 V.i.194[York to King] I am resolved for death or dignity
E3 IV.iv.146[Audley to Prince Edward] If we fear not, then no resolved proffer / Can overthrow the limit of our fate
H5 I.ii.223[King Henry to all] Now are we well resolved [or: sense 2]
KJ II.i.585[Bastard alone, of King Philip and the marriage treaty] [commodity] Hath drawn him ... / From a resolved and honourable war
KJ[Hubert to Bastard, of King John's poisoner] a resolved villain
MM III.ii.237[disguised Duke to Escalus, of Claudio] now is he resolved to die
R3 I.iii.339[Richard to Murderers] my hardy, stout, resolved mates!
TG[Proteus alone] he wants wit that wants resolved will / To learn his wit t'exchange the bad for better
Tit I.i.138[Demetrius to Tamora] madam, stand resolved
WT IV.iv.505[Camillo to himself, of Florizel] He's irremovable, / Resolved for flight

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