rate (v.)
berate, reproach, rebuke, scold
1H4 I.ii.84[Falstaff to Prince Hal] An old lord of the Council rated me the other day in the street about you
1H4 IV.iii.99[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] Rated mine uncle from the counci board
2H4 III.i.64[King Henry IV to Warwick and Surrey, of King Richard] checked and rated by Northumberland
2H4 V.ii.70[King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice] Rate, rebuke, and roughly send to prison / Th'immediate heir of England?
2H6 III.ii.56[Queen to King] Why do you rate my lord of Suffolk thus?
3H6 II.ii.84[Queen to Edward] Go, rate thy minions, proud insulting boy!
AC I.iv.31[Caesar to Lepidus, of Antony] to confound such time ... 'tis to be chid / As we rate boys
Cym V.iv.34[Sicilius, to music, as if to Jove] that thy adulteries / Rates and revenges
E3 II.ii.77[King Edward to himself, of his son's face] [it] rates my heart, and chides my thievish eye
JC II.i.216[Metellus to all, of Caius Ligarius] Caesar ... rated him for speaking well of Pompey
Luc.304[of doors opened by Tarquin] they all rate his ill
MV I.iii.104[Shylock to Antonio] you have rated me / About my moneys and my usances
RJ III.v.169[Nurse to Capulet, of Juliet] You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so
TC II.ii.90[Troilus to all] why do you now / The issue of your proper wisdoms rate
Tit II.iii.81[Lavinia to Tamora, of Bassianus] Great reason that my noble lord be rated / For sauciness
Tit V.i.33[Second Goth to Lucius, of Aaron's words] even thus he rates the babe
TS I.i.157[Tranio to Lucentio] Affection is not rated from the heart
TS IV.i.170[Curtis to Grumio, of Petruchio talking to Katherina] [he] rails, and swears, and rates
Ven.906[of Venus] she ... back retires to rate the boar for murther