beaver (n.) Old form(s): Beauer , Beauers , Beuer
visor of a helmet, face-guard
1H4 IV.i.104[Vernon to all] I saw young Harry with his beaver on
2H4 IV.i.118[Mowbray to Westmorland, of Mowbray's father and Bolingbroke] their beavers down
3H6 I.i.12[Edward to all, of Buckingham] I cleft his beaver with a downright blow
H5 IV.ii.42[Grandpr?š to all, of the English army] Big Mars ... faintly through a rusty beaver peeps
Ham I.ii.230[Horatio to Hamlet, of the Ghost] He wore his beaver up
R3 V.iii.50[King Richard to Catesby] is my beaver easier than it was? [or: helmet]
TC I.iii.296[Nestor to Aeneas] I'll hide my silver beard in a gold beaver

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