require (v.)
request, ask, beg
AC III.xii.12[Ambassador to Caesar, of Antony] he ... / Requires to live in Egypt
AC III.xiii.66[Thidias to Cleopatra] Shall I say to Caesar / What you require of him?
Cor II.ii.154[Sicinius to Brutus, of Coriolanus and the people] He will require them / As if he did contemn what he requested
H8 II.iv.144[Wolsey to King Henry] I require your highness / That it shall please you to declare in hearing
H8 II.iv.177[King Henry to all, of the Bishop of Bayonne] he ... did require a respite
KL IV.iii.6[Gentleman to disguised Kent, of France's departure] his personal return was most required and necessary
MW I.ii.8[Evans to Simple, of Mistress Quickly] the letter is to desire and require her to solicit your master's desires to Mistress Anne Page
TNK I.i.93[Second Queen to Hippolyta, of Theseus' sword] Require him he advance it o'er our heads
TNK V.i.39[Arcite to his knights] Require of him [Mars] the hearts of lions and / The breath of tigers