rub (n.) Old form(s): Rubbe
[bowls] obstacle, impediment, hindrance
Cor III.i.60[Cominius to Menenius] nor has Coriolanus / Deserved this so dishonoured rub
H5 II.ii.188[King Henry to all] We doubt not now / But every rub is smoothed on our way
H5 V.ii.33[Burgundy to King Henry and the French King] What rub or what impediment there is
H8 II.i.129[Buckingham to all, of friends] when they once perceive / The least rub in your fortunes, fall away / Like water from ye
Ham III.i.65[Hamlet to himself] there's the rub
KJ III.iv.128[Cardinal Pandulph to Lewis the Dauphin, of the way to the English throne] the breath of what I mean to speak / Shall blow each dust, each straw, each little rub, / Out of the path
R2 III.iv.4[Queen Isabel to First Lady, of the game of bowls] 'Twill make me think the world is full of rubs