respect (n.)
consideration, factor, circumstance
2H4 I.i.184[Lord Bardolph to Northumberland] we ... / Choked the respect of likely peril feared
AW II.v.66[Bertram to Helena] my respects are better than they seem
Ham III.i.68[Hamlet alone] There's the respect / That makes calamity of so long life
Ham III.ii.193[Second Player as Queen to her King] The instances that second marriage move / Are base respects of thrift, but none of love
KJ III.i.318[Lewis the Dauphin to King Philip] I muse your majesty doth seem so cold, / When such profound respects do pull you on!
MA II.iii.169[Don Pedro to Leonato] I would have daffed all other respects
MV V.i.99[Portia to Nerissa, of music at night] Nothing is good, I see, without respect [i.e. without seeing it in context]
MW II.i.42[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page] if it were not for one trifling respect, I could come to such honour
R2 II.i.25[York to John of Gaunt, of vanity] So be it new there's no respect how vile [i.e. no one cares how vile]
R3 III.vii.174[Buckingham to Richard, of Richard's conscience] the respects thereof are nice and trivial
Sonn.36.5[] In our two loves there is but one respect, / Though in our lives a separable spite
Sonn.49.4[of frowning on his defects] Called to that audit by advised respects
Ven.911[of a drunken brain] Full of respects, yet nought at all respecting