bate (v.)
[of quantities] lessen, reduce, deduct
2H4 epilogue.14[Epilogue] Bate me some [i.e. of what I owe you]
AW II.iii.220[Lafew to Parolles, of the insults Parolles deserves] I will not bate thee a scruple
Per IV.ii.48[Boult to Bawd] I cannot be bated one doit of a thousand pieces [i.e. I can't get the price reduced at all from a thousand pieces]
Tem I.ii.250.1[Ariel to Prospero] Thou did promise / To bate me a full year [i.e. lessen my term of service]
Tim I.ii.206[Timon to Lords] You bate too much of your own merits [i.e. you undervalue yourselves too much]

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